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providing IT Solutions & Support since 1982

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Since 1982 Tom Shubert has been providing businesses large and small with the IT expertise they need, when they need it. A computer nerd from the age of 13, Tom Shubert started his consulting career with The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta, George in 1982, where he lived after graduating from Emory University. In those days someone threw an IBM computer manual at you and described what they needed a computer program to do and then left you to figure it out. By 1984 micro computer sales began to really take off and Tom partnered with another young genius to supply computer hardware and software to companies across the United States, often assembling hardware solutions to meet customers' requirements. Soon networks began to take off and with that Tom Shubert developed his expertise in computer networks. As a Direct Gold Novell Reseller, the mid 80's saw microcomputer networks popping up and replacing large computers with dumb terminals, and we were right there putting them in. It did not take very long before Microsoft got into networking game and now more than 30 years later no serious business enterprise can exist without a local area network with Microsoft or Apple OS based computers networked together, accessing the Internet for research, email and other data, voice and video sharing.

Today Tom Shubert IT Consulting provides small and medium sized businesses with all their necessary IT solutions and support. Whether you are a sole proprietor of a one-man mortgage or insurance business, a partner in a law firm with a staff of 20 lawyers and administrators, a high tech defense contractor division with a parent company over-seas or someone simply thinking about starting a new enterprise, we have the experience and expertise to design, implement and support the technical solutions you need to run your business.

Do you need a server? Workstations? Reliable WiFi solutions? A new telephone system? Copier/Scanner/Printer solutions? Malware removal? Day to day support? Desktop or laptop repairs? A web presence? Email solutions? Software installation and updates? Upgrades? No matter what your IT needs we are here to help. As a consultant we charge reasonable rates for our services and we NEVER markup products we procure on your behalf. In fact, we are often able to aggressively negotiate discount pricing on many of the products our clients need. Why pay a computer tech to come out who charges a one hour minimum or more. We bill for only what you use in 15 minute increments without minimums. And since a large portion of support can be performed using remote screensharing sessions, we can save you even more money by keeping time to a minimum while providing industry leading response times to solve your pressing issues.

Call or email us today to arrange a free initial consultation. Let us convince you that we are everything you need and more when it comes to your IT infrastructure needs.